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Top Ideas for Using Video to Enhance Your Email Marketing Strategy

You may already know that email marketing is one of the most important vehicles of communicating with your audience to foster trust, and drive stronger relationships and customer retention. From being able to send focused, personalized content to specific groups with your audience to up your chances of engagement, using links and CTAs in emails […]
Email Marketing

Top Reasons Why Email Marketing Is a Must in 2021

Connecting with and building stronger trust and relationships with your audience is always at the forefront of your marketing objectives as a company. And while each channel of marketing offers its own value to help you reach customers and enhance engagement, you may not always realize that one of the best strategies you should be […]
Brilliant Ways To Build An Email List From Scratch

Brilliant Ways to Build an Email List from Scratch

Building an effective email list is crucial to running to a successful business operation, but how do we go about creating one?

Why You Should Have an Email Nurture Program

If you’re not doing this you should be.