Yoast for WordPress: 5 Must-Have Things You Might Not Have Known It Can Do

Discover 5 uses of Yoast that you may not have known of before — and show you exactly how to take advantage of them.

4 Reasons Why Writing Blogs Are Crucial for Your Website

Writing blogs are invaluable to your website, helping foster brand awareness, and brand identity, offer opportunities to strengthen SEO, and help position your company as an industry leader.

Do Press Releases Help SEO?

Press releases may feel like something from the past, but they’re definitely still relevant to our day and age and especially to the growth of your SEO strategy.
Product Schema

What is Product Schema, and Why You Need it

What about those results that have pictures, reviews, ratings, availability, and pricing? That is called Product Schema and you need to do it.

6 Benefits of Hiring an SEO Expert

The cost of not having SEO strategies in place is more than if you hire an expert. Read the benefits of hiring an expert now.

Listen Up For First Voice Index

We don’t just search with our keyboards or our phones anymore, now, we search with our voice. Google will now be thinking about how to optimize SERPs based on Voice First Indexing.

Your Business Needs A Blog, Here’s Why

The internet is the way into people’s minds, hearts, and souls at this point and you have to accept it. Your business needs to put content on the internet. You need to blog.

Does Embedding YouTube Videos Help SEO?

Is it better for SEO to embed a YouTube video onto your website, or host the video through your domain? We’ll tell you the benefits and some possible drawbacks.
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