Derick Michael

What is Keyword Cannibalization and How to Fix the Issue

It’s important to be strategic about where and how you use keywords, otherwise you are confusing Google and ultimately not ranking the way you are trying to.

Robots.txt: What it is, Why You Need it, How to Set it Up

Getting too many requests from Google crawlers? You need to start utilizing robots.txt (also known as robots exclusion protocol or standard). Tweaking this source code for your website pages is a very easy, simple, and quick way to up your SEO game. 

Why Keywords Are Important

Let’s say you have deep domain expertise and want to show it off, so you’re writing weekly blogs on your site. This is a perfect way to stay relevant and gain trust with your customers. But, great content is only great if people can find it.

Everything You Need to Know About the End of Cookies

It's the end of an era, and a lot is going to change with the phasing out of cookies.

Yoast for WordPress: 5 Must-Have Things You Might Not Have Known It Can Do

Discover 5 uses of Yoast that you may not have known of before — and show you exactly how to take advantage of them.

6 Benefits of Hiring an SEO Expert

The cost of not having SEO strategies in place is more than if you hire an expert. Read the benefits of hiring an expert now.

5 Things You Need to Know: Blogs & SEO

We’ve been thinking about it, and we want to tell you guys a few things you need to know about SEO, especially keywords!

Safe Fonts for Google

Have you ever considered what the font of your website should be? Likely you have, but the important question is why you consider it, and what factors you should be aware of.

Do Press Releases Help SEO?

Press releases may feel like something from the past, but they’re definitely still relevant to our day and age and especially to the growth of your SEO strategy.
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