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Build Marketing Team

How to Build and Organize a Marketing Team

In the past digital marketing may not have been considered essential to the growth and success of companies, but in today’s digital-first world, it is by far a different story. From establishing a brand identity and voice that will be identifiable amongst your competition and generating traffic and conversions, to helping your audience find your […]
Marketing Person Graphic

Should you Hire a Marketing Agency or a Marketing Person?

We’re on the side generally of hiring a team as opposed to having one person for everything, and we'll tell you why.

What You Need to Know About the WordPress Update 5.4

WordPress just got a big update not long ago, and you might be eager to get on it right away. Note of caution: do not rush into doing the update.

The Power of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an awesome, free tool to help you track crucial data from your website. Learn more about the power of Google Analytics now.

5 Reasons Your Website is Not Performing

There are a number of possible reasons why your website doesn’t perform well. We’re going to talk about 5 of them, and what you can do to help your website out.

How to Create A Powerful Voice to Help Your Brand Stand Out

Effective branding is essential to brands that will stand the test of time. Creating a strong, cohesive brand identity across all marketing strategy is crucial to a company’s success.
Social Media Influencer Marketing How Much Does It Cost And Is It Worth It

Social Media Influencer Marketing: How Much Does it Cost and is it Worth it?

Social Media Influencer Marketing: How Much Does it Cost and is it Worth it?

Why Hire a Marketing Agency

There’s a few key advantages to hiring a marketing agency over having an in-house team that we’ll talk about here, learn more now.
A Guide To Tracking All Your Sales From Pos To Online Marketplace

A Guide to Tracking All Your Sales from POS to Online Marketplace

It’s no secret that online sales are trending upward. Does anyone even shop in brick and mortar stores anymore? The answer is yes, despite the phenomenon of online shopping in recent years. Let’s talk about what you need to do if you have a physical store as well as an online marketplace. 
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