What is a Brand Ambassador and Why You Should Have Them

What Is A Brand Ambassador And Why You Should Have Them

We’ll begin with describing what a brand ambassador is from the point of view of the customer. Say you purchase a lot of products from a company like Etsy, Nike, or similar, and you tag the brand whenever you get a new product from them that you love. The brand notices this and features you in their story on Instagram. Everyone gets excited when a big brand does this, right? Well, you do this often enough that the brand reaches out to you and says, “Hey, we notice you purchase a lot of products from us, how would you like to be a brand ambassador?” This will likely come with a few offers. Like 50% off your next purchase, and 30% off every purchase moving forward. So long as you continue to feature the products in your feed. Then, the company may also give you a discount code to share with your followers. So, every time someone uses your code, you get a small cut of the profit from that purchase. Cool, right?

How is this different from what an influencer does?

First of all, one doesn’t have to have a million followers or even ten thousand to be a brand ambassador. If the person does have a big following, it’s likely they’ll want more money and that’s not what we’re talking about here. A social media influencer whose getting a solid payment for their services is selling the product for the company not necessarily because they actually use the product. It gives the idea that they use it, but they’re really just being paid to promote it. A very successful influencer program has to be more subtle than that of course, with maybe a video of a famous YouTube personality’s top 5 favorite items and your company’s product is number 3. This is because it should come off a little more organic to feel like the influencer actually uses the product. (By the way, you can read all about social media influencer marketing in our recent article.) Alternatively, the idea with brand ambassadors is that your company finds users who actually love your products, who are buying them, and are hashtagging or tagging your band in their posts.

How to Get Brand Ambassadors and The Benefits

Be active on social media finding these people. Repost their pictures or stories. Reach out to them and ask them to join your ambassador program. Figure out what benefits and discounts you can give to them in exchange for the promotion.

Using brand ambassadors is a great way to give back to and engage with your community of actual customers and grow your following. Even if no one purchases using the discount code you’ve given the brand ambassador, this customer is still purchasing from you and is happy with the engagement. Plus, this person is helping with your branding too. Again, from a brand standpoint this is a lucrative opportunity. Everyone likes when a big brand reposts their posts, and they feel a part of the company. They’re more likely to promote your products when they feel this way and you’re still selling to them.

How to Use Your Brand Ambassadors

There are many ways your brand ambassador can use social media across different channels. Pictures of the products on their feeds are great, but videos are huge for this. Videos can be placed on any platform, from ones like TikTok and YouTube that are based on videos, or Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat stories. They can also post videos on Facebook and Instagram. These videos are the brand ambassadors talking about which products they like, maybe why they continue to choose your brand, and what they recommend to potential customers. You can guide the ambassador by giving ideas and also encouraging them to do what they’ve already done by telling them how awesome it was. Compliments go a long way for both ambassadors and your brand.

Thinking about doing this? Or in need of some guidance yourself on how to best utilize the tool that social media is? Reach out to us and we can help with how to use social media in your digital marketing strategy with brand ambassadors, social media influencers, and more.

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