Warp + Weft

21.5% Email OR | 3% Email CTR | 2x+ Social and AdWords ROAS | 12k+ New Followers | 3x+ Increase in Organic Traffic | 50+ Page 1 Keywords

Firon has expanded Warp + Weft’s marketing efforts and helped in the acquisition of new users while also engaging their current customer base. Firon’s SEO strategy for Warp + Weft has led to the growth of ranking keywords from 1K to over 6K. A clear spike in revenue and website traffic following email campaigns implemented by Firon tailored to Warp + Weft’s customers has also been observed. Firon’s email strategy segments users based on engagement level and sets up automations to cross-sell products that they’ll love. Through data collection and evaluation, Firon has created extensive personas to fit the Warp + Weft shopper of all sizes, ages, and overall demographics. From there, programmatic and social ads are implemented and targeted to these specific personas in order to sell them exactly what they want and need from Warp + Weft. Along with evaluating and optimizing these various digital channels in order to maximize Warp + Weft’s reach, Firon also provides extensive reporting on Warp + Wefts customer base to determine metrics such as the lifetime value of a customer to produce insightful attribution models.

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Fantasy Guru Digital Marketing

5.3x Social ROAS | 1.2% Ads CTR | 20% Email OR | 4% Email CTR | 892% Increase in Organic Traffic

Across all digital channels, Firon has expanded FantasyGuru’s marketing efforts in order to acquire new users and engage their current customer base. Custom emails are sent daily to subscribers with NFL news along with intermittent promotions for both current and old subscribers to maximize engagement and also re-engage ex-subscribers from the past that aren’t aware of FantasyGuru’s new and improved mobile friendly website. Firon has more than doubled FantasyGuru’s social media followers by posting daily updates that drive traffic to their expert content. FantasyGuru’s content is all about seasonal fantasy sports, and so through programmatic and social ads, Firon has created ads ahead of the NFL and MLB seasons in order to capture sports fans for the entire season. Firon continuously monitors and optimizes traffic and keywords in order to result on the first page of Google search pages, which has boosted FantasyGuru’s organic traffic by over 800%. With efforts to constantly engage current users and acquire more, Firon has managed FantasyGuru’s free giveaways and contests such as the “12 Days of Christmas”, which featured high value sports memorabilia and resulted in 450+ new emails within one week. Overall, with the entire suite of digital channels managed by Firon, we are able to continuously evaluate, improve, and expand on every single one in order to ensure FantasyGuru’s success in the marketplace.

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Elite Fantasy Digital Marketing

5.6x Social ROAS | 1.6% Social CTR | 20% Email OR | 1.3% Email CTR | 12.1k New Followers | 550% Increase in Organic Traffic

Across all digital channels, Firon has expanded Elite Fantasy’s marketing efforts in order to acquire new users and engage their current customer base. Using custom emails to cater to each sports fan, automations have been set up to ensure subscribers are in the know of all the major tools and optimizers Elite Fantasy offers. Firon has created, implemented, and advanced programmatic and social ads for each sport, driving traffic to their website and keeping ROAS positive. On the social media stage, Firon has more than doubled Elite Fantasy’s number of followers by posting daily updates related to sports news and featuring multiple subscribers’ daily fantasy winnings per week. Firon has also grown Elite Fantasy’s organic website traffic by over 500%, continuously monitoring and optimizing traffic and keywords to successfully reach page 1 of Google search pages. Firon has managed and continues to manage giveaways and contests such as a March Madness Million Dollar Bracket Challenge to engage current users and gain new ones. The entire suite of digital tools that Firon uses to boost Elite Fantasy’s success is evaluated, enhanced, and expanded constantly to ensure the highest level of engagement and conversion.

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Elite Fantasy, Elite Betting & Fantasy Guru

Website Design & Development

Firon provided FantasyGuru, Elite Fantasy, and Elite Sports Betting with an entire revamp of each of their websites utilizing WordPress and WooCommerce in order to give their customer base a modern and mobile-friendly experience.

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Tula Skincare

14k Visitors | 6k Emails Collected in 3 Months

A referral program campaign which utilized Viral Loops technology embedded in the Beauty Savers marketing ecosystem. We reached target audience members with creative social media posts and newsletters, which lead to a strong response in referrals and low-cost email and follower acquisition.

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