Direct to ConsumerTula Skincare

14k Visitors, 6k Emails & 3k Shares in 3 Months

A referral program campaign which utilized Viral Loops technology embedded in the Beauty Savers marketing ecosystem. We reached target audience members with creative social media posts and newsletters, which lead to a strong response in referrals and low-cost email and follower acquisition.

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Direct to ConsumerBeauty Savers

30k Signups in 5 Months

A full ecosystem of marketing tools to engage an audience from generation to sale conversion.

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Business to BusinessBroker Buddha

Positive ROI in First 3 Months

A successful ongoing content marketing campaign which generates constant leads, brand awareness and optimized search ranking for an innovative tech company in the insurance industry.

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Direct to ConsumerSandals Resorts

20k Unique Sign-Ups per Month

A lead generation campaign which utilizes attractive landing pages created with several partner sweepstakes programs. These contacts are then onboarded to a newsletter campaign based on their interests and engaged into the future.

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Business to BusinessTwenty Pine

175 leads, 9% Conversion, 16 Clients in 3 Months

A high volume strategic content marketing and lead generation campaign utilizing LinkedIn. The content enforces Twenty Pine as the leading specialized talent firm for advising salesforce professionals and companies, and the direct messages re-target readers to convert them into customers.

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