Desktop and Mobile Sites

Betting Separation

The betting news portion of the website was removed and made to be a separate entity; This enabled Facebook Ads approval for because it is in within policy guidelines to provide fantasy sports news, but not betting related information.

Mobile Responsive

A major issue with and was its lack of mobile responsiveness. To solve this issue, Firon redesigned the content display to be in the form of a vertically scroll-able news feed with clear categories as the top menu and key promotions above the fold.

Embedded Livestream, Podcast, and Other Technology Tools

Subscribers of the Elite services gain significant value and entertainment from the live feeds of video and voice as well as the embedded tools which they can't get elsewhere. It is what makes Elite a unique one-stop-shop.

Swag Store

A substantial revenue driver for all modern media outlets is the branded merchandise for its followers to show support in the physical world. Utilizing WooCommerce we added a dynamic store that is integrated with ShipBob for automatic fullfillment. The subscription purchase technology was also transferred to WooCommerce, so a subscriber does not have to renter their billing information to purchase swag.