20k Unique Sign-Ups per Month, 1,250 Avg. Entries per Day

Landing Page Creation

Firon builds custom landing pages following specific brand guidelines and contest legal rules. Each program utilizes several designs for A/B testing and maximum contact collection.

Email Automations & Newsletter Onboarding

Each contact collected is followed up with an automated email campaign that confirms entry, thanks them with a gift, and introduces them to the upcoming newsletter they will be receiving.

The newsletters are sent weekly with related news, unique blog content, giveaways, and more contests (as explained further in BeautySavers).

Screenshot of Autopilot Newsletter Setup

Lead Generation

Firon establishes automated collection and segmentation from the landing pages to several marketing platforms to optimize use of all information within the established ecosystem.

Firon has made this effort ROI positive for Product Movers within its first 6 months of operation by providing this mixed lead generation package to partners.