Content Creation

Firon performs ongoing, in-depth research on the Twenty Pine brand, its service and sales pitch, the frequently asked questions and interests of their current and potential customers, and trends in the industry. We utilize all of this information and meet with Twenty Pine monthly to produce search optimized blog topics that evolve over time based on the performance of the past publications.

Twenty Pine Blog Post by CEO Jamie Coakley

Social Media Management

Firon posts relative news, announcements and publishes the blogs on Twenty Pine’s social media channels daily.

Twenty Pine LinkedIn Post

Lead Generation

Firon utilizes LinkedIn advertising to target and re-target Twenty Pine’s potential clients. We utilize the proprietary blog articles as the advert content to build up the social audience, generate traffic to the website and ultimately capture leads for Twenty Pine’s follow-up. Firon re-targets the same audience with direct In-Mail and Lead Forms on LinkedIn.

Twenty Pine LinkedIn Advertisement

Firon generated 175 leads, at $23 cost/lead and a 9.2% conversion rate to create 16 customers in the first 3 months.